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“TSCG Analytics has been a valuable asset to our overall processes. The team is responsive, uses a cutting-edge approach, has a national footprint and are accretive to our development efforts.”  - Bob Manarino, President, Manarino Realty


  • Mobile Location Data Utilization
  • Trade Area Definition
  • Customer "Personality" Profiling
  • Market Footprint Optimization, Relocation & Consolidation
  • Competitor and Cannibalization Analysis
  • US Market Entry Analysis/ Market Capacity Planning
  • Void Analysis
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Foot Fraffic Analysis
  • GIS/Mapping On-Demand Services
  • Leasing Flyers
  • Retail Market Boundaries
  • Traffic Counts, Market Mapping, and Expert Story-Tellers
  • GIS Web-based Application Creation and Management
  • Web Map Digital Presentations
  • ESRI Infrastructure Enablement, Consulting & Education

mobile Location Trade Area

Location trade area analysis is an essential tool for businesses to understand the demographics of their customers and the potential of their markets. Mobile location trade area analysis takes this analysis a step further by using location data from mobile devices to provide an even more detailed view of a business’s customer base. Mobile location trade area analysis provides businesses with a comprehensive understanding of their customer base and their local markets. This analysis can be used to identify new opportunities for growth, understand customer preferences, and make informed decisions about marketing and product strategies. By analyzing mobile location data, businesses can gain insights into customer behavior, such as where they are shopping, what types of products they are buying, and how often they are visiting stores. This data can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns and optimize product offerings.

Key Insights:
- Understand the true geographic reach of a site or center
‍- Easily understand a sites traffic patterns by hour, day, month, or another custom period


Consumer Profiling

At TSCG Analytics, we understand the importance of consumer profiles in the retail real estate industry. Our team of experts uses advanced data analysis tools to help retail businesses and property managers better understand their target market. By utilizing consumer profiles, we provide clients with valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, helping them make informed decisions about store placement, tenant mix, and marketing strategies. Our data-driven approach enables retail businesses to create tailored experiences that resonate with their customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Key Insights:
- Data-driven decision making for store placement and tenant mix
- Develop tenant positioning strategy
- Improved revenue through personalized marketing strategies


Site comparitive analysis

At TSCG Analytics, we provide site selection analysis services for retail businesses. Our team of experts utilizes advanced data analysis tools to determine the optimal site for your brand based on a comparison of site-specific visitor profiles and your brand profile. Our comprehensive approach includes analyzing the activity in the surrounding area or center to ensure it aligns with your brand's needs. By utilizing site selection analysis, we help retail businesses make informed decisions about their store placement, leading to increased customer engagement, satisfaction, and revenue.

Key Insights:
- Data driven approach to site selection
- Matching the brand's consumer to a specific site
or market


market entry Study

Market Entry is critical to brand success. Creating the optimal strategy by identifying and prioritizing markets and trade areas is essential.  Identification of suitable markets requires looking at multiple data points.  TSCG Analytics can combine multiple, relevant data sets from demographics and psychographic data to geo-social sentiment, retail density and more to score markets for brand suitability.  The results allow for our clients to strategically tier markets and create a plan that will yield the ideal results.

Key Insights:
- Identification of use case specific variables
- Local, Regional or National market prioritization along with understanding market capacity
- Strategy creation that evolves as you grow your business


General site selection support

As a leader in real estate analytics, TSCG Analytics specializes in providing cutting edge data and analysis designed to optimize the site selection process for our clients and the brokers who represent them.TSCG Analytics unlocks actionable insights for the site selection process by taking a use case-specific approach to data. Using Esri’s suite of GIS tools, a multitude of data sets, and client data (when applicable), TSCG Analytics creates an optimal site selection, relocation, and/or expansion strategy. 

Key Insights:
- Who is our customer?
- Where does our customer live and work?
- Are there areas where our customers are under/over-served?
- The understanding of current market positioning and the identification of areas of opportunity.
- Comparison of potential and competitor sites.


Real Estate Mapping Support

At TSCG Analytics, we understand the importance of accurate real estate mapping for real estate professionals. That's why we offer comprehensive mapping support services to help our clients make informed decisions about their properties and site strategies. Our team of experts uses advanced data analysis tools and geographic information systems (GIS) to provide clients with detailed maps that show property boundaries, retailers, demographics, and more. Our mapping services are customizable to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring that they have the data they need to make strategic decisions about their real estate initiatives. Whether you need mapping support for a development or want to analyze an existing property, TSCG Analytics can help.